Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sonic Boom

Growing up in Florida, Shuttle launches were a regular part of life.  Though I did not live on the coast, I was close enough that when a launch was scheduled on a school day my teacher would take the class out of the classroom to stand outside and watch.   Equally interesting to me was the Shuttle's reentry into the atmosphere because of the effect produced by the spacecraft reaching supersonic speeds.  I marveled that I could stand in one spot while an object passed me and I could see it before hearing it.  And then...BOOM!  The  soundwave would catch up and shake the earth and my eardrums.  It is a sound so loud, one would think that no one could miss it.  And yet, I have slept through it.   As a kid and later as a young adult, I slept soundly through sonic booms.  That was the reason I laughed when my husband sent me a link for a Sonic Boom alarm clock for deep sleepers.  Somehow, I just do not think it will work.  Oh, obviously it is worth a try because the alarm clock on my phone is not working, but I wonder if it would not simply serve to awaken everyone else in the house, but me...and my eldest daughter. She is a "Sonic Boomer", too.  I will order it, though, because I love my husband.  

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  1. I've got nothing but love for you lady! I just thought you might need a little jolt to help start your day.