Friday, May 15, 2015

Will it work?

So, this came in the mail today. Do you think it will work?  

Rocky doesn't seem to think so.😜

Seek First the Kingdom

When I talk to politically-minded Christians they are usually shocked to learn that I do not watch the news.  They do not understand, not when I tell them that I have anger issues, nor even when I say that it triggers anxiety in me.  I have been chastised for not caring about "the issues" and had the quote by Edmund Burke thrown at me, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Actually, that is not true. Evil does not triumph. God does.  To God goes the victory.  (Amen?)

I get it, I do. The world is crap. It is 
violent, evil, insane, and scary.  Really scary.  Here's the thing: what will my watching the news do?  Will it make it possible for me to stop "them" from doing whatever it is "they" are doing?  No.  
It will rob me of peace and God commands that we not be anxious over anything for it betrays a lack of faith in Him.  If I cannot add a single hour to my life by wringing my hands in worry, why worry?  And I could worry most people under the table.  I could medal in a worry Olympics...
if I gave into it.  So, I won't.  

"But, Amelia, how will you know what is going on in the world?"

Simple, if it is really important, I will find out. See, the "news" isn't really.  There is nothing new under the sun.  Same sins. Same heresies.  Without Jesus, it is all vanity and chasing after the wind.  So, I will seek first the kingdom of God, pray, and stay away from the news.  Even during elections. Especially during elections.