Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye, 2011!

The year 2011 was the year of forgiveness and of trusting God.  This year...
I learned to see people as God sees them and to love them just as they are, faults and all.  I discovered I am braver and tougher than I thought I was.  I realized that if I want my children to be more obedient, I need to be obedient...and disciplined...and self-controlled.  I felt inspired.  I found my voice and found courage to share it.  I felt the miracle of another human life growing inside me and experienced God's grace and mercy in delivering him into the world.   I prayed.  I cried out to God.  I loved.  I laughed.  I wept.  I worshiped.  I let God be God.  I danced.  I sang.  I rejoiced.  I trusted God with my life.  I trusted Him with my heart.  I fell and God carried me.  I embraced My Lord's Mother as my own and fell in love with Jesus all over again.  I witnessed my earthly mother fall in love with Jesus all over again.  I hugged my children, a lot.

I forgave.  

I was forgiven.

I was loved. 

I have plans for this new year, but for now, here is a photo collage of this last day in 2011:
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  1. Looks like a yummy day. Hot chocolate, my vegan banana nut chocolate chip muffins, hugs, kisses, and the book you got for me this Christmas. Wish we were nearer so we could share our days and read our books together.

  2. It was a yummy day! And your vegan banana nut chocolate chip muffins always make me think of you. When I do, I say a little prayer for you. I wish we could just sit and read together, too. Maybe this summer..?