Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am, therefore I write.

I once heard a priest say, "You can't call yourself a golfer if you only golf once or twice a year."

He was talking about C&E Catholics, but his words have haunted me for another reason. You see, ever since I was old enough to write my name, I have known I am supposed to be a writer. For reasons I will later share, I never pursued that vocation. The hopeful longing in my heart became a just-before-weeping ache, which the years have only served to sharpen, not dull. I have referred to myself as an aspiring writer, but I cannot in all honesty call myself any kind of writer or even an aspiring one if I never write, can I?

So here I am, starting my own blog like thousands of others. The purpose for my blog is partly to help me in exercising my rusty instrument, partly to keep me accountable. It is much more difficult to make excuses when I am not the only one reading my work. And I do hope you read it. I hope you stick around to read it more than once, and not just because you may know me in real life, but because you may catch a glimpse of yourself in my writing. I will be writing from my heart: may it ever reach yours.

I may amuse you. I may make you feel uncomfortable. At times, my writing will be raw, as painful for you to read as it was for me to write. We will cry together. Bear with me and we will also laugh together.
One of my favorite quotes is by St. Catherine of Siena:

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

May my story inspire you to be who God meant you to be.

Let us set the world on fire together.


  1. Thank you for sharing Amelia, and I am glad you are blogging! I've already subscribed. :)

  2. I can relate in so many ways. This was equally convicting and inspiring. Thank you for your vulnerability and for sharing.