Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Digging at the Duggars...again!

I am exhausted.  Today was not a good temper day for me.  I am never the best version of myself when I have had less than a certain number of hours of sleep.  It's my fault, I know.  I should not have stayed up, but there are Christmas letters to write and no time during the day in which to accomplish the task, so I stay up. I really should be in bed right now, but I read about the recent news on the Duggar Family and had to write.  A friend on the Catholic Sistas Blog posted on this back in November.  You may remember the uproar over the fact that this lady was pregnant for the twenty-first time (I think), with people saying and writing the most hateful things about a woman whom none of them had ever even met.  Words like overpopulation, walking uterus, and clown car were carelessly bandied about with no thought as to the humanity of not only Mrs. Duggar, but also her unborn child.  She was verbally assaulted with such vehemence that one would have thought she had committed some heinous crime.   And what would have been her crime?  She was guilty of treating her unborn child like the human person she was.  She trusted God and loved her child.  In our modern world, that is an unforgivable sin.

 According to various news sources, Michelle Duggar has miscarried her baby.  As a mother, my heart breaks for her.  Why is this news, you ask?  Maybe it's a slow news day and the media people are bleary-eyed with numb backsides as they try to flesh out the trickling of information out of Korea at dial-up-internet speed.  More probably, people are in awe that while many find it acceptable to abort a sixteen-week-old fetus, the Duggars are holding a memorial service to honor their daughter's life.  This little girl was never even born into this world before being born into heaven and she is loved.  Was it the memorial or the fact that the family passed out pictures of their child to those who attended that is so intolerable?  Both fly in the face of acceptable behavior nowadays.
You know, if I really think about it, of course people are upset.  Whenever a human person sins, the desire to hide it inevitably follows.  We know in our hearts that what we have done is wrong, and we don't want to be wrong, so we bury it - like Cain buried Abel in the field.  Or we rename it, hiding it behind the title of "Fairness", "Tolerance", or "Right".  We forget that calling something other than what it is does nothing to change its nature.  A rock is still a rock, even if you call it a sponge.  A bear is not a tree, and no matter how many times you call it that, it may still try to eat you.  Murder is murder.  One cannot erase one sin by committing another.  One cannot erase the value of a person by calling it a fetus or a clump of cells, because the reality remains that we cannot change the nature of something or someone.  We do not become human.  We are human.  From the very moment of conception when we are knit in our mother's womb,we are known by the Father who created us.  We are loved.  Just as Cain was unable to hide his sin, so are we unable to hide ours from a perfect God who desires our holiness.  So, you must ask yourself if the problem lies with the Duggars, or is it in the way we calculate the value of a human life?

We have blood on our hands.  The Good News is that Our Father gave us a way to clean it.


  1. I love reading what you write! You are so passionate and I love you so much! I am so happy that you have finally started to share you intelligent thoughts with the world! P.S. I would definately have that many kids if my husbands wallet and my sanity could handle it!

  2. "We forget that calling something other than what it is does nothing to change its nature." Insightful. Love it.